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John Roberts is a well-known American journalist and news anchor who currently works for Fox News. He has been in the media industry for over 30 years and has earned a reputation for his credibility and unbiased reporting. However, not much is known about his personal life beyond his career. 

John Roberts was born on November 15, 1956, in Toronto, Canada, to a father who was a professor of microbiology and a mother who was a journalist. He grew up in a family that valued education and had a strong interest in current events. Roberts attended the University of Toronto, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism.

John Roberts Career Path

After graduating from college, Roberts began his journalism career as a news anchor and reporter for various Canadian television stations. He later moved to the United States and worked for CBS News, where he covered major events such as the Gulf War, the 9/11 attacks, and Hurricane Katrina.


In 2011, Roberts joined Fox News as a national correspondent and anchor. He currently serves as the co-anchor of “America’s Newsroom,” Fox News’ flagship morning news program. He is also a frequent contributor to other Fox News programs such as “The Five” and “Special Report.”

John Roberts Parents and Siblings

John Roberts’ parents were both highly accomplished individuals in their respective fields. His father, George Roberts, was a professor of microbiology at the University of Toronto and was widely respected in the scientific community. His mother, Peggy Roberts, was a journalist who worked for several newspapers and magazines in Canada and the United States.

John Roberts has two siblings, both of whom are accomplished in their own right. His brother, Chris Roberts, is a professor of computer science at the University of Toronto, while his sister, Wendy Roberts, is a renowned poet and writer.

John Roberts Marriage and Children

John Roberts has been married twice in his life. His first marriage was to a woman named Judi, but the marriage ended in divorce. He later married his current wife, Kyra Phillips, in 2010. Phillips is also a journalist and works for ABC News.

Together, John Roberts and Kyra Phillips have two children. Their first child, a son named Kellan Clay Roberts, was born in 2011. Their second child, a daughter named Sage Ann Phillips Roberts, was born in 2012.

John Roberts Height and Appearance

John Roberts is known for his tall stature, standing at 6 feet 2 inches (188 cm) tall. He has a lean and athletic build and is often seen wearing sharp suits and ties on air. Despite his age, he has maintained a youthful appearance and is considered by many to be a handsome man.

Work at Fox News

Since joining Fox News, John Roberts has become one of the network’s most recognizable faces. He has covered major events such as the 2016 presidential election, the COVID-19 pandemic, and the protests and riots that occurred in the wake of George Floyd’s death.

Roberts is known for his ability to break down complex news stories and present them in a clear and concise manner. He has been praised for his professionalism and objectivity, and he has earned the respect of his colleagues and viewers alike.

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