Interesting Facts about Michael Pompeo: Wife, Children, Siblings, and More


Michael Pompeo is a well-known name in the world of politics and journalism. Before becoming the 70th United States Secretary of State under President Donald Trump, Pompeo was a Kansas representative and director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). However, before all of his political accomplishments, Pompeo started his career in journalism as a news anchor for Fox News.

Michael Pompeo was born on December 30, 1963, in Orange, California. He was raised in Santa Ana, California, and later moved to Wichita, Kansas, where he attended high school. After graduating from high school, Pompeo went to the United States Military Academy at West Point, where he studied mechanical engineering.

Michael Pompeo’s Parents and Siblings

Michael Pompeo’s parents are Dorothy and Wayne Pompeo. Not much is known about his parents as they have mostly remained out of the spotlight. However, his father was a lawyer and his mother was a homemaker. Pompeo also has two siblings, one older brother, and one younger sister. His older brother, Mark Pompeo, is a businessman and entrepreneur, while his younger sister, Debra Pompeo, is a law professor.


Michael Pompeo Education and Early Career

After graduating from West Point, Pompeo served in the United States Army as a cavalry officer. He later went on to attend Harvard Law School, where he earned his Juris Doctor degree. After law school, Pompeo worked at the law firm Williams & Connolly before founding his own aerospace company, Thayer Aerospace, in 1991.

Michael Pompeo is married to Susan Pompeo, and the couple has one child together, a son named Nicholas. Not much is known about Susan Pompeo as she has largely remained out of the public eye. However, it is known that she has been very supportive of her husband’s political career.

Fox News Career

Before entering the world of politics, Michael Pompeo worked as a news anchor for Fox News. He was a co-host of the morning show “First Business” and later went on to co-host “In Depth With Graham Bensinger.” Pompeo’s time at Fox News helped him develop the skills he would later use as a politician, such as public speaking and media management.

Political Career

Michael Pompeo’s political career began in 2010 when he was elected to represent Kansas’ 4th congressional district in the United States House of Representatives. He served in this role until 2017, when he was appointed as director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) by President Donald Trump. Pompeo held this position until 2018, when he was nominated and confirmed as Secretary of State.

Michael Pompeo’s Height

There is not much information available on Michael Pompeo’s height. However, based on photographs and videos, he appears to be around 5 feet 10 inches tall.

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