Keisha Morrison and Kelsey Morrison were found dead, what happened?


A mother and her 9-year-old daughter were found axed to death in their Roselle home. The bodies of Keisha Morrison and Kelsey Morrison were wrapped in sheets and hidden under a bed.

Kelsey’s absence from school that day raised concerns, and her father, Gary Morrison, went to check on them.

He found the bodies of his wife and daughter and also discovered a bloody ax stuffed between two mattresses in his bedroom.


Gary’s brother, Evory Morrison, had been living in the basement of the home. He allegedly fled the scene in Keisha’s new BMW, which was later recovered in Maryland, and he was arrested for stealing the car.

Evory had recently been asked to move out of the house, and Keisha was uncomfortable with him living there.

The family of the victims is demanding justice, and Gary’s sister Niy Scott called out Evory on Facebook, accusing him of murdering her niece and sister-in-law.

The Union County Prosecutor’s Office has not released any information on the case. Meanwhile, Mayor Derek Armstead of Linden expressed condolences to the family and the community.

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