Sad: Bryan Saward Dead, Contemporary Clubrooms Construction Project Manager


Bryan Saward was a vital member of the contemporary clubrooms construction project as he took on the responsibilities of project manager, which kept him present on the job site for a significant portion of the project.

This gave him the ability to direct and coordinate the job that was being carried out.

Bryan was able to call for assistance from members of the community who were prepared to give their time voluntarily.


Bryan Saward was the first President of the Redpa Football Club, serving in that capacity from 1965 to 1966.

During his tenure, Bryan ensured that the tasks were completed efficiently and effectively by organizing an appropriate number of people for each task.

The Redpa Football Club members are deeply saddened by his recent passing, and his loss has left them with a sense of grief.

Bryan Saward Cause of death

Bryan’s exact cause of death is not known at the momment

Bryan Saward’s passing has left his family, including Fay, Denise, and Brett, with deep sorrow.

The Redpa Football Club expresses its heartfelt condolences to the family and friends who have lost a loved one.

They are keeping the Saward family in their thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. The Club also urges the family to rest as soon as possible.

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