Steve Hunter, Music Teacher In Cheektowaga Dead


Steve Hunter, a beloved resident of Buffalo, New York, and a Music Teacher at Mary Queen of Angels Catholic School in Cheektowaga, New York, has sadly passed away.

Steve Hunter’s cause of death

His death was announced on Saturday, July 1st, 2023, through a heartfelt social media post.

Steve Hunter was a talented musician and dedicated music teacher from Buffalo, New York. His passion for music and his commitment to sharing his knowledge made him an integral part of the local music community.


Currently, he serves as a Music Teacher at Mary Queen of Angels Catholic School in Cheektowaga, New York. Steve’s musical journey began in his youth when he discovered his love for singing and subsequently pursued formal music education.

After completing his music studies at a renowned music school, Steve found his calling as an educator. He joined Mary Queen of Angels Catholic School with the goal of inspiring a love for music in others. As a music teacher, he plays a vital role in nurturing the musical talents of young students and providing them with a solid foundation in music theory and practice.

At Mary Queen of Angels Catholic School, Steve introduces students to various musical instruments such as the guitar, piano, drums, and violin. Additionally, he leads choir sessions, guiding students in developing their vocal skills while fostering harmony and teamwork.

Through engaging teaching methods and his passion for music, Steve strives to inspire his students to explore their creative potential and develop a lifelong appreciation for music.

As a proud resident of Buffalo, Steve takes great pride in being part of a city with a rich musical heritage. He actively collaborates with local musicians and contributes to the thriving music culture in Buffalo, New York.

Whether through his teaching, performances, or community engagement, Steve Hunter leaves a lasting positive impact on the lives of his students and the entire music community in Buffalo.

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