Apple TV+ ‘Drops of God’ Episode 2 Summary, Issei Tomine and Camille Leger


Apple TV+ has released a new French-Japanese series named ‘Drops of God‘, which is based on a Japanese Manga series of the same name.

The series is creating suspense in the world of wine-tasting as only two episodes have been released, with more to come every week.

The show revolves around the legacy and will of Alexandre Leger, a renowned wine connoisseur who leaves behind a vast fortune of 87,000 wine bottles worth almost $150 million and a manipulative will.


To become worthy of the legacy, two people have to participate in a wine-tasting competition. These two people are Alexandre’s daughter, Camille Leger, and his “spiritual son,” Issei Tomine, who was taught about wine by Alexandre.

The series keeps the competition interesting, and it shows Issei’s world in Japan, where he is trying to win the legacy competition, and Camille is back to her childhood favorite place in France to regain her unique taste palate.

There are two leading characters in the story, and each character’s perspective and past are essential to the storyline.

The cast of the series includes several actors, but there is no one lead character that changes the dynamics of the story.

‘Drops of God’ is a French-Japanese series that offers a thrilling competition in the complicated world of wine.

The show is releasing one episode every week on Apple TV+.

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