Voice Actor Sylvain Lemarié dead, How did he die?


French Voice Actor Sylvain Lemarié has died, the news of his death come early hours of 21st April 2023.

TVMCK learned about his death via a popular Twitter handle, Destiny Bulletin

Sylvain Lemarié was a talented French voice actor who lent his voice to a variety of films, television shows, animated series, and video games.

He was widely known for his work in dubbing and had provided the French voice for several famous actors.

Lemarié’s Work Lemarié’s voice work included many animated series characters, such as the Reaper in Billy and Mandy, adventurers from the Beyond, and Java in Martin Mystère.

He also provided the voice for characters in video games, such as Baron Praxis in Jak II: Outlaws, Marcus Kincaid in the Borderlands series, and Kotal Kahn in Mortal Kombat.

He was appreciated and loved by many people for his talent and skill in bringing characters to life through his voice.

Sylvain Lemarié passed away at the age of 71, and his death came as a shock to many. His fans expressed their condolences for his wife and family members.

Sylvain Lemarié Cause of death

The cause of his death was not publicly disclosed, but it was reported that he was found dead at his home.

Impact of Lemarié’s Work Lemarié’s work as a voice actor had a significant impact on French dubbing and voice acting.

His performances in various films, television shows, animated series, and video games were enjoyed by fans worldwide.

He lent his voice to two iconic characters from the One Piece series, Jinbei – the helmsman of the Straw Hat Crew, and Magra – a member of the Dadan family.

Fans’ Tribute to Lemarié After the news of Sylvain’s death was revealed, his fans shared their memories and tributes to him on social media.

Many expressed their appreciation for his work and how his voice had left a lasting impact on them. Some even shared their personal stories about how they came to know about him and his work.

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