What is the meaning of Gezellig? Dutch word in the latest Ted Lasso episode


Ted Lasso’s latest episode has introduced the Dutch word “gezellig” to its viewers. The episode shows the Richmond team visiting Amsterdam and experiencing Dutch culture.

What is the meaning of Gezellig?

Gezellig is a Dutch word that means ‘companionable’, ‘convivial’, and ‘pleasant’, but it encompasses a more profound feeling. It refers to the warm and cozy feeling one gets when surrounded by familiar company. This feeling can be experienced in one’s own company, with pets, or even with strangers.

Gezellig has similarities with the Norwegian/Danish word ‘hyggelig’ which refers to a mood of coziness, warmth, and conviviality. The ‘hygge’ concept captures a similar feeling but is not exactly the same as gezellig.


In the Ted Lasso episode “Sunflowers”, Rebecca encounters the Man With No Name, who introduces her to the concept of gezellig.

The episode is being praised for embracing the spirit of Dutch culture and gezellig.

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