Meet Alan and Jeffrey Henick, owners of collapsed NYC parking garage


The owners of the Financial District parking garage that collapsed on Tuesday, resulting in one death and several injuries, are two wealthy New Yorkers who have been buying and selling property for decades.

Alan and Jeffrey Henick

The brothers, Alan and Jeffrey Henick formed a company named 57 Ann Street Realty Associates and purchased the lot in 1988.

The Henick brothers have been involved in various business ventures. Alan Henick ran WB Acquisition, which sold a commercial property near the Brooklyn waterfront for nearly $20 million in 2012.


He is also the CEO of the Brooklyn-based Western Carpet and Linoleum, which is a century-old business operating in the Williamsburg neighborhood.

Jeffrey Henick is the principal of Wickshire Capital, LLC, a Delaware-registered firm that he’s run since 2011.

The Henick brothers have been successful in their endeavors, as evidenced by their expensive homes.

Alan owns a $1.4 million gated home in Syosset, New York, while Jeffrey owns a 6-bedroom, 7-bathroom mansion on a sprawling tract that includes a pool, tennis courts, and a library in Armonk, New York. Jeffrey also owns a $3.4 million, luxury two-bedroom apartment in Miami that he bought in 2021.

The parking garage collapse has brought increased scrutiny to the Henick brothers. Preliminary FDNY reports suggest that the building’s age and the number of cars parked on its top deck caused the collapse.

However, the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office has opened an official investigation into the incident.

City records show four open violations against the building’s owners, all of which were related to construction issues. It remains unclear if any of the defects or failures contributed to the collapse.

During the collapse, Willis Moore, 59, died. His body was removed from the rubble on Wednesday afternoon and handed over to the city medical examiner.

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