Does Franklin Die In Snowfall Season 6 Finale?


Snowfall is a popular US TV series that has been chronicling the story of Franklin Saint and the 1980s crack epidemic in South Central Los Angeles since 2016.

Recently, the series finale premiered on FX on Wednesday, April 19th, 2023, arriving on Hulu the next day.

Franklin’s Fate in the Finale

Franklin doesn’t die in the finale of Snowfall. However, the character does not get a happy ending either. Titled The Struggle, the concluding episode ends with Franklin walking alone on the street.


He had lost everything, including the house he bought for his mother, which was evicted by the LA police department in response to unpaid property tax.

With his fortune gone, Franklin is left to wander alone and is forced to confront how far he has fallen.

Although he survived, the environment of drugs that he helped construct had finally poisoned him.

TVLine recently interviewed Snowfall’s co-creator and executive producer Dave Andro and asked him if he ever contemplated having Franklin die in the finale.

Andro stated that he did not want Franklin to die, as it felt like letting him off the hook. Instead, he wanted the character to live in the hell that he created, as there was a certain level of dramatic irony in that.

The ending of Snowfall has received mixed reactions from fans, with some feeling divided about Franklin’s fate and the wider finale.

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