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Fox News is one of the leading news organizations in the United States and it has some of the most respected analysts and commentators on its team. One such analyst is General Jack Keane, who has been serving as the senior strategic analyst for Fox News since 2011. 

General Jack Keane was born in New York City in 1943. His parents were both Irish immigrants, and they raised him in a large Catholic family. Keane was a bright student, and he went on to attend Fordham University in the Bronx, where he earned a degree in accounting. After graduation, Keane joined the United States Army, and he was commissioned as a second lieutenant in 1966.

General Jack Keane Military Career

General Keane’s military career spanned four decades, and he retired from active duty in 2003. During his time in the Army, Keane served in Vietnam, as well as in numerous other countries around the world. He was awarded the Silver Star for his actions in Vietnam, where he was wounded in combat.


Keane’s rise through the ranks was steady and impressive. He was promoted to brigadier general in 1991, and he eventually rose to the rank of four-star general in 1999. Keane was also the Vice Chief of Staff of the Army from 1999 to 2003, making him the second-highest-ranking officer in the United States Army.

General Jack Keane Family

General Keane is married and has two children. He has been married to his wife Theresa since 1965, and they have a son and a daughter together. Not much else is known about General Keane’s personal life, as he tends to keep his private life out of the public eye.

Fox News Career

General Keane joined Fox News as a military analyst in 2004, just one year after he retired from the Army. He quickly became a regular contributor to the network, and he was eventually promoted to the position of senior strategic analyst in 2011.

In his role at Fox News, General Keane provides expert analysis on a wide range of topics, including national security, military affairs, and foreign policy. He is known for his strong opinions and his willingness to speak his mind, even if it means going against the prevailing narrative

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